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There are many ways to keep the pounds off during the winter season.  The problem is many times winter events work against our efforts.

I think the key factor is having a plan and sticking to it.  I have been reading through this book by Bob Harper, JumpStart to Skinny.  One of the doctors at our office gave it to me to consider some tips for some of our patients.  One of the guys I have been working with has lost over 50 pounds since June and now we are looking at keeping it going through the winter.  This book has given us some ideas and rules to follow and use towards our plan for the winter.  We started before I looked at this book and we haven’t been following his rules exactly, but it is a helpful tool to plan through this winter.


My opinion is the best thing we can do is prepare.  Come up with what will work for you and know what you will do to overcome the obstacles that we know we will encounter.  Find a buddy to work out with… get clothing that will keep you warm enough when the temperature drop.


Be Prepared and Stick With Your Plan

Consider some of the ideas in his book when developing your plan.

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