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One of the main things that I’d like to encourage people to consider is that change is a process and anything worthwhile usually takes time and effort.  Many people today are used to taking a pill for this and a pill for that.  Many times there are answers or solutions without taking pills.  OK, I am not saying that medication is never helpful.  I am saying that there are many things that people can do that will help and possibly even alleviate their problems without the harmful side effects of medications.  Look at the doTERRA Wellness Model below:

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There are many aspects to being well:

  • Reducing Toxic Load
  • Rest and Stress Management
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

In the video below, Dr. Hill describes nutrition and antioxidants with regards to our wellness.  Some of this information may be technical but he puts it in easy to understand terms.  doTERRA has a product called Alpha CRS+ and this is just one of the products offered in the Life Long Vitality pack. Would you consider a lifestyle change?  If you interested in some more information about this, please contact us at OzarksWellness@aol.com.


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