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Being respectful means showing that you value other people’s perspectives, time and space.

Show deference to those with rightful authority. Some people deserve extra signs of respect because of the position they hold.  People who have risen to leadership positions because they have earned or achieved  these positions.  Show authority figures respect according to the proper custom, whether it means calling the principal “Sir”or whatever other custom is appropriate.  Respect your parents, grandparents, and other elders in the community deserve respect for the valuable wisdom they have to share.

Do not discriminate.  Show respect to everyone:  those in high positions AND those who can do nothing for you.  “You can judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them.”

Respect is foundational to love, and one of the best ways to show your loved ones or even to others is that you love them is to treat them with respect. Small habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine, and also a loving and positive attitude will make all of them to feel loved and respected.

Showing respect to others improves relationships and productivity and increases the odds that they will treat you respectfully as well.

We all know people who never take ownership for what they do.  Apologize if you’ve hurt someone or argued with someone and remember that others have feelings too.

So why not to treat others good by words and in actions.

Consider the next person’s position and feelings before reacting. In this process the other person may learn something from you. This does not imply becoming a doormat, but there are respectful ways to set limits when you need to.

Respect for the dignity of others includes knowing when to stand up to someone who has overstepped his/her boundaries. So do not excuse bad behavior or wrongdoing just because you were following orders or prospering your business.  It is not necessary to hurt a person in order to achieve your goals.

Be loyal to others and your relationship with them. Do not say bad things about others as this reflects your personality. If you can talk about someone else behind their back, most likely you won’t command respect as the person will believe you can talk badly about him/her behind his/her back.

Protect those under you and hide other peoples’ faults. When you do that, it may not have immediate effect but you command respect in the long run.

If someone is trusting you for any kind of help, do not create division within their closest relationships.

Being respectful tells people you not only care about others, but you care about yourself. Being respectful includes means respecting yourself; if you don’t, people won’t respect you.

A great technique for giving respect is to empathize or relate to the other person. Listening and responding intelligently, seriously, and beneficially shows a great amount of respect. Everyone wants what they say to be heard and taken into consideration.

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