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Did you know that rest can actually improve your physical performance? Dr. Axe has worked with many Olympic level athletes, and they would all agree that rest is just as important as exercise. Resting is when your muscles grow and recover. During a weight training exercise, the general rule of thumb is you need 48 hours for that muscle to recover. You should take a full day off of that muscle group after working it to fatigue. This also works for the cardiovascular system. You do not want to run at a race-pace every day or you will wear your body out. You will need to give you body time to recover to increase you performance. This is also known as “tapering”. When you have a big race coming up, you want to build up your volume of energy leading up to the race, so you would taper your workouts. In general, Dr. Axe would recommend taking off 1-2 days completely off of exercise during the week. Additionally, getting 8 hours of sleep every night is also essential to performing at your highest level.

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