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I am sure that most people would agree that stress can impact our health in a negative manner.  So part of functioning at an optimum health level will include reducing stress.

Reduce Stress ~ Stress is toxic

Therefore, breaking cycles that increase or add to stress in our lives is key.  Part of that includes our thought lives.  There is much scientific data that supports these statements.  I would suggest that each person try to renew ourselves in this area.  You can renew your mind.  There is a process that each individual goes through before he or she chooses to act.  First we observe through our senses.  We either see, hear, taste, touch, or smell something.  Then a cycle occurs all interacting together.  We give ourselves instructions.  We have thoughts about ourselves.  And we have body responses associated with these thoughts and instructions.  Sometimes a body response triggers a thought but sometimes it’s the other way around…  See the chart below:


obs to tht to behv


The first step in renewing one’s mind includes noticing and taking hold of our thoughts(self-thought) and instructions(self-talk) that we are giving to ourselves.  Capture your thoughts.  Then, agree with what is productive and true and disagree with what is harmful, unproductive and/or lies that you may have picked up in toxic encounters in your travels.  It may be that you may notice a physical response (body response) first that is connected to your self-thought or self-talk.  All three are happening at the same time, but some people are more aware of their physiology and for others it may be their thought life.  (Zoom in to make the bigger.)


self thoughtself talk


body responses

Sometimes I have clients who will tell me that they don’t have this cycle or part of it happening in them, but I will tell you that I can guarantee that it is there.  During difficult times or even just by watching others in our environments, people sometimes train themselves to ignore or numb thoughts and feelings in maladaptive ways. Ignoring their existence only allows the patterns that we don’t like or want to continue impacting our minds and bodies.  Many times, in our core, there are driving beliefs about ourselves that are extremely unproductive and sometimes flat out lies.  Yet, when left unchecked, we are actually choosing to allow them to have power in our lives.

I would encourage you to examine your thoughts and improve your overall health by kicking out what really doesn’t belong in your head.  Really try to focus on thoughts that are “true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy, think on these things.”  Pay attention to negative thoughts and instructions you may be giving yourself and change them.  For example: I’m not important enough, or I don’t deserve to rest yet, or Don’t ask for help or I always do this wrong… can be changed to a more truthful thought … I am important, I am allowed to rest too, Speak up for what is best for others AND myself, I am going to get this down…

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neuropsychology explains thoughts and physical connection very well.

Here are two short 1 or 2 minutes videos she put out:

Part One:

Part Two:

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