I spent time today reading articles about how our brains are wired for love and hope.  My husband’s colleague shared some video’s of Dr. Caroline Leaf with him.  My husband said this lady sounds like you and shared her with me.  The scientific community is talking about how we are naturally wired for love and hope.  It appears that fear is a learned response but love and hope are more natural conditions.  This could be why stress is detrimental to our physiology and why certain diseases are linked together with emotions that some would label toxic.  Tali Sharot is a research fellow at University College London’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging and she wrote the article in the (Neuroscience – The Observer) section The Guardian, called “The Optimism Bias”.  I listened to her Ted Talk video as well.  I also read a blog by Dr. Caroline Leaf and watched some of her videos.  The bottom line conclusion after viewing all their materials is that we are responsible for the thoughts we allow to exist in our brain.  If it is not productive or good for us, we have the ability and responsibility to change it.  In other words, worry only exists because we allow it.  Furthermore, it is toxic.  Our biological make up doesn’t work well with these kinds of toxic emotions.  Emotions like bitterness, envy, fear and hatred are all linked to diseases like: high blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer.

This information may not negate the fact that in many environments people are expected to managed their experience with some very difficult people.  However, it does explain how love can be so effective in a person’s healing process, and how love can be an effective tool with regards to helping difficult people become less prickly.  It seems the more people believe they are worthy of love, the more they are able to find it.  Once a person has challenged toxic thoughts like “I do not deserve to be loved”, “I will never amount to anything”, and replaced them with the optimistic truth; they are able to experience and give love.  I am not saying to ignore pain if we have caused it to another person.  If that is the case, we can ask for forgiveness.  Once we have done our part to restore the other person, we can move on into love.  Please think about this the next time you are finding yourself criticizing yourself.  You are designed or hardwired for love. How could you not be worthy of it?

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