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My dear friend Bev Wagner shared last week in her Webinar about the ant and the elephant.  I posted the link to her Webinar but I wanted to be sure that people could see this story and try to apply it to their lives.

In The Ant and the Elephant, renowned business strategist and Olympian, Vince Poscente, describes in a great metaphor for what happens in our mental process and how we can make adjustments if we empower ourselves with regards to awareness of our subconscious and it’s impact on our choices. It is based on research that Dr. Lee Pulos, Ph.D. conducted on the ratio between conscious and subconscious mind where he found that the subconscious mind was in much greater control of our thinking process.  He found that the conscious mind processes with 2000 neurons, while the subconscious mind processes with 4 billion neurons.

Adir the visionary ant and Elgo the causious elephant must work together as a single creature in order to reach the Oasis, their vision of paradise in the African savannah.  The ant represents the conscious mind in his story.  The elephant represents the subconscious mind.

The point is that even though the elephant may have the majority of input and is designed to protect us, we need to allow the ant to be heard as well or we could hinder ourselves from making any movement towards our goals.

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