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July 4th is all about celebrating our nation’s freedom. This summer, Team Red, White & Blue will showcase our commitment to the men and women who have fought for our freedom with the 1776 Challenge.  


Veterans know what it was like to be a member of an unbreakable team. How did they get there? By training hard — together. By overcoming odds — together. By fighting for something — together.  

Join us as we kick off our inaugural 1776 Challenge June 17- July 4. The 1776 Challenge is an 18-day epic physical challenge of 100s. In homes, gyms, and parks across the nation, we will band together to see what we’re capable of. As veterans and community members alike, we will push ourselves harder than we have in a long time – in service of community, personal growth, and the kind of joy that comes from doing something hard with others.

We invite YOU to join all Team RWB Eagles across the nation. Whether you do it with someone else or weave it into your workout – you will know that thousands of others are right there with you taking on that day’s unique challenge! 1776 reps will take commitment, it will push us, and connect us. Your hard work and sweat will celebrate our nation’s veterans and celebrate their commitment to this great nation.

All participants who Check-In will be automatically entered into a drawing for prizes!

*There is no official registration. Please come back daily to check-in once you’ve completed the day’s unique challenge! Everyone who completes every challenge will receive a special prize and weekly prizes will be randomly selected from those who check-in as well. 


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